Gertrude (Geertje, Gertie) Arens

Born: 17 OCT 1888 in Graafschap, Michigan

Died: 27 JAN 1963 in near Holland, Michigan

Derk Arens
Gezina (Gezena, Geziena, Genziena) Broene

Gerrit Mulder
11 JAN 1911 in East Saugatuck Church, Michigan

James Mulder    
Gertrude Mulder    
Marvin Mulder    

Gertrude was born on her family's farm (map of farm). In 1903 she saw her brother Herman killed in front of her in a well explosion, which may have contributed to her mental illness.

After marrying in 1911, Gerrit and Gertrude lived on the Mulder farm, which in 1920 consisted of 100 acres, five horses, nine cows, and within the next five years, their first Ford. Also in 1911 the white house was built, into which Jacob and Mary Mulder moved.

Gertrude's mental illness worsened around 1930, when her personality started to change and her house lost its characteristic neatness. Before her illness she was well-respected, involved in the church, and physically strong, often helping out with much of the farm work. Starting in 1935 she spent five years in Pine Rest Hospital and Kalamazoo State Hospital, and 15 years later she returned to both institutions. When older, she once walked about ten miles at night in her nightgown to stand behind the pulpit of their church; she also had numerous violent spells.

Gertrude is buried in North Holland Cemetery (R14 B2 L4).


Gertrude (Geertje, Gertie) Arens


Derk Arens


Hendrik (Herm) Arens (Arends)


Jan Harm Wolters


Harmken (Harmtje, Harmtjen, Harmpje) Arends (Arents)


Geziena (Gezena, Gesina, Gesche) Tyink


Derk Tyink (Tijink)


Geertje (Geerdjen) Oortman (Ortman, Oosting)


Gezina (Gezena, Geziena, Genziena) Broene


Harm Hendrik Broene


Geert Broene


Agneta (Agnisja) Rorik


Jennechien (Jennigje, Jenne) Dyke (Dyk, Diek)


Garrit (Gerrit) Hendrik Dyke (Dyk, Diek, Dijk)


Jantje (Jenne) de Groot