Hendrik (Herm) Arens (Arends)

Born: 5 JUL 1815 in Emlicheimer parish, Wilsum, Bentheim, Hanover province, Germany

Died: 16 JUN 1887 in near Holland, Michigan

Jan Harm Wolters
Harmken (Harmtje, Harmtjen, Harmpje) Arends (Arents)

Geziena (Gezena, Gesina, Gesche) Tyink
BET 30 MAR 1843 AND 30 MAR 1848 in Bentheim, Hanover province, Germany

Geertje Arens    
Jan (Johann) Arens    
Harm (Herman) Arens    
Hindrik (Hendrik) Arens    
Derk Arens    
Johanna Arens    
Jan Harm Arens    

Hendrik was a weaver and/or farmer in Halle before he and Geziena emgriated with their children from Bremen Harbor aboard the 400-ton ship Coriolan with 242 passengers. Although unreported by Captain H. Wulf, word has it that sons Johann and Herman died at sea and were slid down a plan into the ocean, before the family's arrival in New York on 7 May 1855.

The family settled south of Graafschap, MI, and by the 1880 census owned about 80 acres worth $3,000 (map of farm). The farm produced about $800 worth of goods per year (including corn, wheat, oats, potatos, and eggs) and was populated by two horses, 15 cattle, two pigs, and 35 chickens.

Hendrik died of lung cancer.

Hendrik is buried in East Holland Cemetery (L100 G1).


Hendrik (Herm) Arens (Arends)


Jan Harm Wolters


Harmken (Harmtje, Harmtjen, Harmpje) Arends (Arents)


Berend (Berent) Tijink (Tyink)


Dirk Tijink


Harmen Arends


Fenne Arends (Arents)


Harmen Arends (Arents)


Hindrikje (Hendrekien) Blenke