Gerrit Mulder

Born: 15 JUL 1887 in South Olive, Michigan

Died: 12 JUN 1965 in Zeeland, Michigan

Jacob (Jakob) Mulder
Mary (Maria) Pul

Gertrude (Geertje, Gertie) Arens
11 JAN 1911 in East Saugatuck Church, Michigan

James Mulder    
Gertrude Mulder    
Marvin Mulder    

Gerrit was born on his family's farm (map of farm).

After marrying in 1911, Gerrit and Gertrude lived on the Mulder farm, which in 1920 consisted of 100 acres, five horses, nine cows, and within the next five years, their first Ford. Also in 1911 the white house was built, into which Jacob and Mary Mulder moved.

Gerrit inherited the farm with the provisions that he pay his sisters a certain amount of money, and that the farm would support his retarded sister Allie for as long as she lived. During these years Gerrit was well-known in the community, a church elder who prayed in Dutch and was soft and kind to others. Later, when his son Marvin worked at General Motors, he ran the farm with his grandchildren.

As Gerrit aged he grew more senile, and after living with Marvin and Henrietta Mulder for some months, he moved into an old home in Zeeland, MI, where he worsened, and then finally moved into a nursing home.

Gerrit is buried in North Holland Cemetery (R14 B2 L5).

View Gerrit's draft registration card (1917-18)


Gerrit Mulder


Jacob (Jakob) Mulder


Gerrit Mulder


Jan Gerritsen Mulder


Janna Stoffels (Stoffelsen, Reijers, Reijersen)


Maatje (Maartje, Martha) Koster


Jan Jans Koster


Beertje (Beerdje) van den Brink


Mary (Maria) Pul


Hendrik Pul


Aalt Rikkertsen (Rikkersen, Rikkerts, Rikkerden, Riksen) Pul


Jannetje Gerrits Bakker van de Kleine Pels


Dirkje (Derkje) van Putten


Tijmen Jannesz van Putten


Maria Jans Bast (Basz)