Jennechien (Jennigje, Jenne) Dyke (Dyk, Diek)

Born: 22 OCT 1830 in Uelsen parish, Bentheim, Hanover province, Germany

Died: 14 DEC 1908 in Allendale, Michigan

Garrit (Gerrit) Hendrik Dyke (Dyk, Diek, Dijk)
Jantje (Jenne) de Groot

Harm Hendrik Broene
6 JUN 1858

Geert Broene    
Egbert Broene    
Andina Broene    
Frederik Broene    
Jan Hendrik Broene    
Geesjen Broene    
Kasper Hendrik Broene    
Johanna Broene    
Gezina (Gezena, Geziena, Genziena) Broene    
Geesjen Broene    
Geesjen (Grace) Broene    
Henderika Broene    
Jantje Broene    
Johannes Broene    

After Jennechien married Harm Hendrik, they lived with his father Geert Broene on the farm (map of farm). As the oldest son, Harm Hendrik was to inherit the family farm. He received a letter from his friend Mr. Kronemeyer that next winter; the letter told of the good land found in Michigan, and assured nervous readers that the American Civil War did not endanger that area. Talk of emigration increased, and after father Geert died that spring, the family sold the beautiful and prosperous farm and made plans to travel. Along with Jennechien's brother Hendrik Jan Dyke, they journeyed over Neuenhaus and Nordhorn to Lingen, and by train to Bremen. There they boarded the ship New York, and after two weeks and half a day arrived in New York on 29 June 1865.

From New York the family took a big Hudson Steamer to Albany, NY. A train then took them through Niagara and Detroit to Grand Haven, MI, where a small boat brought them to Holland. The bought a farm near Graafschap Christian Reformed Church (where Harm Hendrik's catechism book is still on display), just south of the town, and in 1873 owned 140 acres (map of farm). The early years in Michigan were difficult, with four of their children dying from scarlet fever or pneumonia. Regardless, within 15 years, Jennechien's parents and four more siblings also immigrated to America, eventually settling in the Allendale area.

On 1 May 1885 they moved to a 28-acre farm just west of the original First Christian Reformed church in Allendale, MI, selling the old farm to "the boys," as stated in Harm Hendrik's will (which he also speaks of an 80 acres whose location is unclear). (Read the will.) The new First Allendale Christian Reformed church stands on property that was once this Broene farm.

After Harm Hendrik's death, Jennechien married Berend Rorig around October 1896. They continued to live in Allendale until her death, the cause of which was listed as "senile degeneration."

Jennechien is buried in Allendale Cemetery (Sect 14).


Jennechien (Jennigje, Jenne) Dyke (Dyk, Diek)


Garrit (Gerrit) Hendrik Dyke (Dyk, Diek, Dijk)


Jan Dyke (Dyk)


Garrit Hendrik Dyk


Hendrikjen Spaalink


Berendina Dykman


Jantje (Jenne) de Groot