Gezina (Gezena, Geziena, Genziena) Broene

Born: BET 2 MAY 1862 AND 12 MAY 1862 in Hocklenkamp, Uelsen parish, Bentheim, Hanover province, Germany

Died: BET 11 DEC 1933 AND 16 DEC 1933 in near Holland, Michigan

Harm Hendrik Broene
Jennechien (Jennigje, Jenne) Dyke (Dyk, Diek)

Derk Arens
26 AUG 1882 in Trenton, NJ

Gezina (Sena) Arens    
Jennigje (Jennie) Arens    
Hendrikje (Hattie) Arens    
Herman (Harm) Arens    
Gertrude (Geertje, Gertie) Arens    
Kaatje (Kate) Arens    
John Arens    
Geesje (Grace) Arens    
Jacobus (Jack) Arens    
Hendrikus (Richard) Arens    
Dick Arens    
George Arens    
child Arens    

As a child, Gezina came to America with her family in 1865, and grew up on their farm in Graafschap, MI (map of Broene farm).

Derk and Gezina were married in 1882, and in 1906 they relocated to a farm in South Olive, which by 1912 consisted of 120 acres (map of farm). They became friends with both Jacob and Mary Mulder and Hermanus and Henrietta Gruppen.

Later, they sold the farm to son John and moved to 81 East 17th Street in Holland, MI. Gezina was a sickly woman with a sharp tongue, who lived for a year with Gerrit and Gertrude Mulder when she was ill.

Gezina is buried in East Holland Cemetery (L100 G6).


Gezina (Gezena, Geziena, Genziena) Broene


Harm Hendrik Broene


Geert Broene


Harmen Broene


Hindrikjen Alferink


Agneta (Agnisja) Rorik


Jan Scholte (Scholten)


Gertjen Rorik


Jennechien (Jennigje, Jenne) Dyke (Dyk, Diek)


Garrit (Gerrit) Hendrik Dyke (Dyk, Diek, Dijk)


Jan Dyke (Dyk)


Berendina Dykman


Jantje (Jenne) de Groot