Jacob (Jakob) Mulder

Born: BET 2 SEP 1859 AND 3 OCT 1859 in Putten-Gerven, Gelderland, Netherlands

Died: 7 AUG 1916 in South Olive, Michigan

Gerrit Mulder
Maatje (Maartje, Martha) Koster

Mary (Maria) Pul

Gerrit Mulder    
Henry Mulder    
Martje (Martha) Mulder    
Dena Mulder    
Martha Mulder    
Hattie Mulder    
Alice (Allie) Mulder    
Annie Mulder    

As a boy Jacob came to America in 1866 with his family.

Later Jacob bought the South Olive farm from Aart van 't Groenewoud, his stepfather, at 15 cents an acre (map of farm). Due to Jacob's ill health and heart problems, the farm, 140 acres in 1897, was poorly managed, though he did hire a maid and a man to run the farm. Unfortunately, they owned the worst clay farm in the area, and much of the land was swampy. Once lightning struck some exposed muck, and underground it burned for two years. The area later became known as "The Willows."

Jacob did, however, bult the first wooden windmill well in the neighborhood, and many people came over to use it. By 1912 the family owned 100 acres, and were neighbors with Derk and Gezina Arens, who became good friends.

Jacob was a gentle man, who spent many of his last days lying outside to breathe more easily. He died of a heart attack under a nearby tree.

Jacob is buried in North Holland Cemetery (R6 B4 L10).


Jacob (Jakob) Mulder


Gerrit Mulder


Jan Gerritsen Mulder


Gerrit Jansen Mulder


Jacobje Eiberts (Eijberts, Elbers, Eibertse) van de Pol (van den Pol)


Janna Stoffels (Stoffelsen, Reijers, Reijersen)


Stoffel Reijersen (Rijersen, Reiersen)


Aaltje Aalten (Aalts)


Maatje (Maartje, Martha) Koster


Jan Jans Koster


Jan Harmsen (Hermsen, Harmensen) Koster


Fennetje Gerrits van Lochem (Logchem, Logchum, Loggums)


Beertje (Beerdje) van den Brink


Jacob Evertsen (Everts, Eversen) van den Brink


Maartje (Marij, Marrija, Maria) Lubberts van Grevenhof