Maatje (Maartje, Martha) Koster

Born: 6 SEP 1820 in Ermelo, Gelderland, Netherlands

Died: 29 APR 1894 in near Holland, Michigan

Jan Jans Koster
Beertje (Beerdje) van den Brink

Gerrit Mulder
31 MAR 1855 in Putten, Gelderland, Netherlands

Maartje Mulder    
Jan Mulder    
Jan Mulder    
Johan (John) Mulder    
Johannes Mulder    
Jacob (Jakob) Mulder    
Beert Mulder    

Maatje's first husband was Evert Lubbersen van Malenstein (Malestein, Malenstijn) (born 23 Oct 1805, died 9 Oct 1852); they married on 11 Apr or 28 Apr 1849 in Putten.

After Gerrit died, Maatje remarried on 19 May 1865 to Aart (Aert) van 't Groenewoud (Groenewault, Groneveld), her brother-in-law (born 6 Jan 1823, died 1914). The family departed to the U.S. on 20 Sept 1866 and settled near South Olive, MI. (zie notaris Colenbrander te Nijkerk, d.d. 25/5 en 1/6-1866: verkoop boerderij "de Schuit")

Aart bought from A. C. Van Raalte what was later to become the Mulder farm on RR#2, 112th St (map of farm). He built the log cabin near the pear tree, and they eventually owned about 320 acres. Later, he lived with Jakob and Mary Mulder until his death.

Maatje is buried in North Holland Cemetery (R6 B4 L8), near a Jakob Koster who may be her brother. Aart is buried next to her (R6 B4 L9).


Maatje (Maartje, Martha) Koster


Jan Jans Koster


Jan Harmsen (Hermsen, Harmensen) Koster


Harmen Jansen


Jenneken Jans


Fennetje Gerrits van Lochem (Logchem, Logchum, Loggums)


Gerrit Gerritsen


Grietje Hannessen


Beertje (Beerdje) van den Brink


Jacob Evertsen (Everts, Eversen) van den Brink


Evert Jacobsen (van den Brink)


Cornelisje Willems


Maartje (Marij, Marrija, Maria) Lubberts van Grevenhof


Lubbert Gerritsen


Beertje Hendriks