Jenneken (Jennegje, Jennie) Tijsselink (Teeslink)

Born: 30 MAR 1833 in Hellendoorn, Overijssel, Netherlands

Died: 7 DEC 1906 in Overisel, Michigan

Hendrik Jan Teijselink (Tijsselink, Teyselink, Teesselink, Teeslink, Teesling, Teusink)
Hendrina (Hendrine, Henrietta) Noordkamp (Norkant)

Roelof Koppelman (Koppleman)
3 NOV 1855 in Wierden, Overijssel, Netherlands

Mary Koppelman    
Hendrika Koppelman    
Ziena (Dina) Koppelman    
Hendrieka (Hendrika, Johanna, Willamena) Koppelman (Koppleman)    

Roelof and Jenneken and four children emigrated in 1866. They embarked in Le Havre, France, on 13 August, accommodated aboard Circassian, which arrived in New York on 20 Sept (passenger list).

The family settled just north of Overisel, MI, on a farm that by 1873 consisted of 80 acres, and was then worth about $1,500 (map of farm).

In 1880, the farm was 94 acres, worth $3000, and producing $1500 of goods per year (corn, oats barley, wheat, and eggs). It was populated by 4 horses, 14 cattle, 8 pigs, and 60 chickens.

Jenneken died of cancer. She is buried in New Overisel Cemetery (B182 G1).


Jenneken (Jennegje, Jennie) Tijsselink (Teeslink)


Hendrik Jan Teijselink (Tijsselink, Teyselink, Teesselink, Teeslink, Teesling, Teusink)


Jan Teijselink (Teesselink, Tieselink, Tieslink)


Hendrik Theselink (Tiesselink)


Hendrina (Hendrine, Diene) Albers


Janna (Johanna) Kerschner (Kesner, Kersner, Kessender, Kessener)


Harmannus Kessener


Janna Gerritsen


Hendrina (Hendrine, Henrietta) Noordkamp (Norkant)


Egbert Teunissen Noordkamp (Noortkamp)


Teunis (Theunis) Jansen Luttert


Arendina (Arendine, Arentdina, Anordina, Arnoldina) Egberts (Egbertsen) Noordkamp


Hermina (Harmine, Harmina, Hermine) Arends (Arentsen) Stegeman (Stegman, Steegeren)


Arend (Arent) Hermens (Hermsen) Dakhorst (Stegeman)


Hendrina (Hendrine) Berends (Berentsen) Pot