Hendrik Theselink (Tiesselink)

Born: 25 FEB 1747/48 in Noetsele, Overijssel, Netherlands

Died: 27 JAN 1827 in Noetsele, Overijssel, Netherlands

Harmen Tijsselink
Jenneken Hendriks

Hendrina (Hendrine, Diene) Albers
7 APR 1769 in Hellendoorn, Overijssel, Netherlands

Jan Teijselink¬†(Teesselink,¬†Tieselink, Tieslink)    
Hendrik Teijselink    
Mannes Teijselink    
Arentdina Teijselink    
Arent Teijselink    
Jan Teijselink    
Jannes Teijselink    
Hermannes Teijselink    
Mannes Teijselink    
Janna Teijselink    
Hendrik was a farmer. Around 1760 Hendrina's father remarried to Geertje Berentsen Nijvelt (also from Noetsele) and after this, the family took up residence in Theselink (could be the name of a farm or neighborhood) in Noetsele.

Hendrik Theselink (Tiesselink)


Harmen Tijsselink


Jenneken Hendriks