Hendrina (Hendrine, Diene) Albers

Born: 14 NOV 1745 in Noetsele, Overijssel, Netherlands

Died: 20 NOV 1816 in Noetsele, Overijssel, Netherlands

Hendrik Theselink (Tiesselink)
7 APR 1769 in Hellendoorn, Overijssel, Netherlands

Jan Teijselink¬†(Teesselink,¬†Tieselink, Tieslink)    
Hendrik Teijselink    
Mannes Teijselink    
Arentdina Teijselink    
Arent Teijselink    
Jan Teijselink    
Jannes Teijselink    
Hermannes Teijselink    
Mannes Teijselink    
Janna Teijselink    
Around 1760 Hendrina's father remarried to Geertje Berentsen Nijvelt (also from Noetsele) and after this, the family took up residence in Theselink (could be the name of a farm or neighborhood) in Noetsele. Hendrina confirmed her faith under the name Hendrine Alberts Theselink in 1768 in the town of Hellendoorn.