Hannah Tukker (Tucker)

Born: 1 FEB 1883 in near Graafschap, Michigan

Died: 9 AUG 1936 in Blendon, Michigan

Jan (John) Tukker (Tucker, Tukkers)
Theodora (Ida) L. Jeurink (Jarink, Jurrink)

William G. Haverdink (Havedink)
19 MAR 1906

Gillis Haverdink    
James Haverdink    
Harold Haverdink    
Ida Haverdink    
Henrietta Haverdink    
Evelyn Haverdink    
Irene Haverdink    
Walter Haverdink    
Henry Haverdink    
Evelyn Haverdink    
Geneva Haverdink    

Hannah was born on her family's farm (map of farm).

After William and Hannah's marriage in 1906, the couple moved to the larger 120-acre farm. Here he had some problems, and around 1915 ran off with housekeeper Susie Wassink, had a child (Heinie) with her, and later returned home again. About the same time they moved to a 140-acre farm in North Blendon (the southwest corner of Bauer Rd. and 64th St.).

Hannah was well-liked in the community, was active in the church, especially as a Sunday school teacher, and often brought food to sick neighbors in typical generosity. She was heavy and often sick because of her sugar diabetes, and died young when it reached her kidneys.

Hannah is buried in Blendon Cemetery (O-43-3).


Hannah Tukker (Tucker)


Jan (John) Tukker (Tucker, Tukkers)


Jan Harm Tukkers (Tukker, Tucker)


Geerd Tükkers


Gese Morsink (Morsing)


Telle (Tilla, Tella) Lögten (Lugten)


Jan Große Lögten


Harmtjen Kleine Rammelkamp


Theodora (Ida) L. Jeurink (Jarink, Jurrink)


Berend Eersink (Jeurink, Jurrink)


Berend Eersink


Ida Borrink (Eersink)


Gese (Geesje, Grace) Marrink (Maring, Manenk)


Jan Marrink


Harmtjen Hassink