Theodora (Ida) L. Jeurink (Jarink, Jurrink)

Born: 9 DEC 1841 in Bakelde, Bentheim, Hanover province, Germany

Died: 27 APR 1929 in East Saugatuck, Michigan

Christened: 19 DEC 1841 in Nordhorn, Bentheim, Hanover province, Germany

Berend Eersink (Jeurink, Jurrink)
Gese (Geesje, Grace) Marrink (Maring, Manenk)

Jan (John) Tukker (Tucker, Tukkers)
18 NOV 1867

Gertie (Harkia) Tukker (Tucker)    
Jan Harm (John) Tukker (Tucker)    
Truida (Trinda) Tukker (Tucker)    
Benjamin Tukker (Tucker)    
Benjamin Tukker (Tucker)    
Herman Tukker (Tucker)    
Hannah Tukker (Tucker)    
Gerrit Tukker (Tucker)    

Jan and Theodora departed from Bremen on a ship named Bremen, arriving in New York on 7 May 1866, and settled southeast of Graafschap, MI. By 1873 their farm consisted of 140 acres worth about $1,200 (map of farm). Her brother Henry also worked on the farm.

In 1880, the Tukker farm (listed under two names, Jan Tukker and Jan H. Tukker), consisted of 180 acres worth $6000 and producing $1300 of goods per year (corn, oats, wheat, potatoes, and eggs). It was populated by 5 horses, 21 cattle, 4 sheep, 4 pigs, and 100 chickens. There was also an apple orchard.

By 1895, the farm grew to 220 acres, though by 1913 it had returned to 140 acres.

The Tukkers were a well-respected Christian family in the community, and the east-west road just north of their land came to be known as "Tucker Road." Theodora was known as a kind woman; she may have had diabetes, and later did have gangrene in one of her feet. When older, the couple moved in with daughter Gertie in East Saugatuck, MI, where they both died.

Theodora is buried in East Saugatuck Cemetery (L23 G3).


Theodora (Ida) L. Jeurink (Jarink, Jurrink)


Berend Eersink (Jeurink, Jurrink)


Berend Eersink


Evert Johanning


Gese Eersink (Eessing)


Ida Borrink (Eersink)


Jan Borrink


Gese Schieving (Schijvink)


Gese (Geesje, Grace) Marrink (Maring, Manenk)


Jan Marrink


Geerd (Geert) Marrink (Markert)


Gese Dusing (Dulsink)


Harmtjen Hassink


Jan Hassink


Gese Brink