Clara (Klara) van der Bie

Born: 18 SEP 1866 in Detroit, Michigan

Died: 8 OCT 1943 in Holland, Michigan

Adriaan (Adrian, Adrianus, Henry, Jan) van der Bie
Jannechie (Jannegje, Jannigje, Jennie) Por (Porr, Par)

Johannes (John) Rotman
2 FEB 1884 in Graafschap Church

Jan Hendrik (John) Rotman    
Adriaan (Ed) Rotman    
Cornelia (Nellie) Rotman    
Derk (Dick) Rotman    
Jennigje (Jennie) Rotman    
Dina (Dena) Rotman    
Marinus (Mart) Rotman    
Leida (Elizabeth, Liz) Rotman    
Fenna (Fanny) Rotman    
Adrianna (Anna) Rotman    
James Rotman    

Johannes and Clara's wedding in 1884 involved a three-day reception: the first day with family, the second with other relatives, and the third with friends (view marriage license). By 1913 the family farm consisted of 40 acres.

After he died, Clara lived with son James and his wife Jerine. They sold the farm in 1927 and then lived at 97 East 25th Street, Holland, MI, and often tried to run their lives. She was known as a very bossy person, although warm. She was also quite fat, such that when she entered a room people would say "three chairs" jokingly.

Clara is buried in Graafschap Cemetery (Sect C, B58 G8).


Clara (Klara) van der Bie


Adriaan (Adrian, Adrianus, Henry, Jan) van der Bie


Cornelius (Kornelis) Jacobs van der Bie


Jakob (Jacob) Cornelisse van der Bie


Margrietje (Marya) Hendriks Vermoolen (Byl)


Trintje Marinus van der Jagt


Marinus Jacobs van der Jagt


Jacomijntje Adriaans de Gans


Jannechie (Jannegje, Jannigje, Jennie) Por (Porr, Par)


Hendrik Por


Teunis Hendriks Por


Jannigje Arijs Barendrecht


Neeltje (de) Reus


Kornelis (Cornelis) REUS


Macheltje (Naggeltje) WEIJERS (Wijers)