Jannechie (Jannegje, Jannigje, Jennie) Por (Porr, Par)

Born: 22 AUG 1824 in Numansdorp, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Died: 19 SEP 1888 in Graafschap, Michigan

Hendrik Por
Neeltje (de) Reus

Adriaan (Adrian, Adrianus, Henry, Jan) van der Bie
8 DEC 1854 in Zuid-Beijerland, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Cornelis van der Bie    
Cornelius van der Bie    
Hendrik (Hein, Henry) van der Bie    
Trintje van der Bie    
Jakob (Jacob) van der Bie    
Neeltje (Nelly) van der Bie    
Maria van der Bie    
Clara (Klara) van der Bie    
Adriana (Arina) van der Bie    

Adriaan and Jannechie, along with infant Jacob and brothers Hendrix and Cornelis, embarked on the ship Carolina at Rotterdam in 1855. Adriaan was listed as "Adrianus," a workman and member of the Dutch Reformed Church. They were accommodated between decks, and Jacob died during passage, but they arrived in New York on 25 May 1855.

They lived near Ypsilanti, MI, at least through 1866, but they eventually bought a farm of 40 acres just south of Graafschap, MI (map of farm). All their children were baptized in the church there on 1 March 1868. By the 1870 census they owned $1,000 worth of real estate and $240 worth of personal property.

In 1880, the farm was 40 acres and worth $3000, producing about $600 of goods per year (corn, oats, wheat, and eggs). It was populated by two horses, 10 cattle, 14 pigs, potatoes, and 30 chickens. There was also a small apple orchard.

Jannechie is buried in Graafschap Cemetery (Sect C, B88 G3).


Jannechie (Jannegje, Jannigje, Jennie) Por (Porr, Par)


Hendrik Por


Teunis Hendriks Por


Hendrik Por


Neeltje (Jannetje) Schilperoort


Jannigje Arijs Barendrecht


Arie (Aart) Jans Barendrecht (Barendregt)


Lena Dirks Bol


Neeltje (de) Reus


Kornelis (Cornelis) REUS


Jan Lambertszoon REUS


Neeltje Cornelis KORENDIJKER


Macheltje (Naggeltje) WEIJERS (Wijers)


Hendrikus Gerrits WEIJERS


Maria Ariens QUARTEL