Johannes (John) Rotman

Born: 20 SEP 1859 in Graafschap, Michigan

Died: 23 MAY 1923 in Graafschap, Michigan

Jan (John) Hendrik (Hindrik) Rotman (Rottman)
Dina (Dena, Diena) Jansen

Clara (Klara) van der Bie
2 FEB 1884 in Graafschap Church

Jan Hendrik (John) Rotman    
Adriaan (Ed) Rotman    
Cornelia (Nellie) Rotman    
Derk (Dick) Rotman    
Jennigje (Jennie) Rotman    
Dina (Dena) Rotman    
Marinus (Mart) Rotman    
Leida (Elizabeth, Liz) Rotman    
Fenna (Fanny) Rotman    
Adrianna (Anna) Rotman    
James Rotman    

Johannes lived on the same farm all his life (map of farm). In 1883 he may have gone to the World's Fair in Chicago.

Johannes and Clara's wedding in 1884 involved a three-day reception: the first day with family, the second with other relatives, and the third with friends (view marriage license).

By 1913 the family farm consisted of 40 acres. He was a thin man and known as jealous, especially when his wife talked to others. He died from an infection in his cheek that resulted from a sliver while he was sharpening an axe.

Johannes is buried in Graafschap Cemetery (Sect C, B58 G7).


Johannes (John) Rotman


Jan (John) Hendrik (Hindrik) Rotman (Rottman)


Lambert Rotman


Hindrik (Hendrik) Rotman


Janna (Jenne) Vrielink


Fenna (Fenne) Maatman


Jan Scholten


Janna (Jenna, Jenne) Maatman


Dina (Dena, Diena) Jansen


Jan Jansen


Hermannus (Hermanus, Harmen) Jansen


Gerhardina (Gerhardijna, Gerritdina) Zwiers Wijchers (Wichers, Wicherts)


Janna (Jenne) Engbers (Egbers)


Albert Engbers


Geerdjen (Geerdje) Hofman