Jan (John) Hendrik (Hindrik) Rotman (Rottman)

Born: 20 MAY 1814 in Hardingen, Bentheim, Hanover province, Germany

Died: 10 MAY 1881 in Graafschap, Michigan

Lambert Rotman
Fenna (Fenne) Maatman

Dina (Dena, Diena) Jansen
21 JUL 1847 in Uelsen, Bentheim, Hanover province, Germany

Jenna Rotman (Rottman)    
Fenna Rotman (Rottman)    
Jan (John) Rotman    
Elida (Leida) Rotman    
Johannes (John) Rotman    
Hendrik (Henry) Rotman    
Gezina Rotman    
Jacob Rotman    

After marrying, the couple embarked from Bremen on a three-month sea voyage aboard the ship Laura, arriving in New York on 5 October 1857 (passenger list).

They were one of the first settlers in the Holland, MI, area, where they bought 40 acres from the government at $3.75 an acre just south of Graafschap (map of farm). By 1873 their farm had grown to about 60 acres. IN 1880, they owned 80 acres worth $3500. The farm produced about $1000 of goods per year (including corn, oats, wheat, potatoes, and eggs) and was populated by three horses, 10 cattle, 8 pigs, and 40 chickens. They also had an apple orchard, produced honey from bees, and produced a small amount of wine.

Jan Hendrick's cause of death is listed as "dropsy." He is buried in Graafschap Cemetery (Sect C, B58 G4).


Jan (John) Hendrik (Hindrik) Rotman (Rottman)


Lambert Rotman


Hindrik (Hendrik) Rotman


Hindrik (Hendrik) Egberts Rotman


Hendrikie (Hendrikje) Scholten


Janna (Jenne) Vrielink


Lambert Vrielink (Vrieling)


Jenne (Jenna) Hillerink (Hildering)


Fenna (Fenne) Maatman


Jan Scholten


Lambert Scholten


Fenna Harste


Janna (Jenna, Jenne) Maatman


Jan Brookman


Gese Maatman