Dirk Kornelus (Cornelis) Kaper

Born: 12 MAY 1760 in Vrouwenparochie, Friesland, Netherlands

Died: 19 JUN 1812 in St. Jacobiparochie, Friesland, Netherlands

Cornelis Klazen
Maartje Johannes

Hiltje Jans
2 FEB 1783 in St. Annaparochie, Friesland, Netherlands

Cornelis (Kornelis) Dirks (Dirk) Kaper    
Jan Kaper    
Maartje Kaper    
Dirk was a laborer. Between 1783 and 1786 the family moved from St. Annaparochie to St. Jacobiparochie. In 1811, after Napoleon's decree, Dirk took Kaper as the family name. In Dutch, "Kaper" is a word for some sort of hat, and also a word for privateer. Perhaps this explains rumors that the Kapers were once pirates on the North Sea, originally Celtics from Norway, and that some Kapers practised witchcraft.

Dirk Kornelus (Cornelis) Kaper


Cornelis Klazen


Claas Jansen Kaaps (Pluimer)


Hendrickie Cornelis


Maartje Johannes