Claas Jansen Kaaps (Pluimer)

Hendrickie Cornelis
3 JAN 1712 in Vrouwenparochie, Friesland, Netherlands

Jan Klazen    
Gepckie Klazen    
Jan Klazen    
Klaas Klazen    
Cornelis Klazen    
Hijke Klazen    
Geertje Klazen    
In 1712 Claas and Hendrickie were living in Oudebildtzijl. In baptismal books Claas is listed with two different last names: Kaaps (in 1716 and 1726) and Pluimer (in 1721, 1723, 1725, 1728, and 1732). In Dutch, "Kaap" and "Kaper" mean some sort of hat. The old Dutch word "pluimer" refers to feathers. These names could have been related to his profession.