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1996 (continued)
Then, after all this success, it was time for a much-deserved vacation. She turned down some roles, in movies like The Crucible and The Horse Whisperer, and took about a year off, reading, relaxing, vacationing, and generally getting to know herself again.

After the time off, Emma joined her mother in The Winter Guest, which was directed by Alan Rickman and released late in the year.

In a completely different role, Emma filmed Primary Colors with John Travolta. A truly Hollywood-style movie for someone never quite of the Hollywood crowd.

Primary Colors was a success, with Clinton comparisons running rampant. Emma was a shining non-Hillary.

Also this year, Emma starred as an FBI agent in Judas Kiss, which unfortunately went straight to video.

She also began writing a screenplay on the life of Victor Jara, Chilean folk singer and poet. Her research included a crash course in Spanish and an extended trip to Chile.

Emma and Greg also continued trying to make a family, despite a miscarriage in 1997.

This was a quiet year for Emma professionally, and yet also one of the happiest: Emma became pregnant and gave birth to Gaia Romilly Wise on December 4.

In order to concentrate on motherhood, Emma announced a semi-retirement from the biz because she would be "mad not to fully enjoy being a mother." But she didn't exactly stop: work continued on the Victor Jara script, as well as the script for the children's film Nurse Matilda. She also made a cameo appearance in the film Maybe Baby, a comedy about a couple who are trying to conceive a child.

The Emma-Greg-Gaia family welcomed the millennium as a happy family. Emma's semi-retirement continued, but there were hints of her return. She signed on to star in the HBO production of Wit, and filming began in the fall.

Stay tuned for more of Emma's story as it unfolds...

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